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Experts / maj 2016

Get Fitter With Glitter

Reebok Disco Chalk brings the razzle dazzle from this year’s big song competition to the gym.

On May 14th, the glam hits the fan with the biggest, most glamorous music competition of the year. It’s a guilty pleasure among millions, and the fitness community is no exception. So to help get all you tough fitness athletes out there in a sparkly mood, we created Reebok Disco Chalk.

With Reebok Disco Chalk, every workout is a fabulous workout. Its unique formula, consisting of pure chalk and a dash of glitter, turns your blood, sweat and tears into a glimmering thing of the past.

During the week leading up to the song contest, we’ll be sending out the limited edition Disco Chalk to CrossFit boxes and Reebok athletes across Europe. As part of the package, we’ve included a specially developed Disco Pump workout consisting of three key upper-body exercises to get you pumped and glittery in no time.

Reebok Disco Chalk

The Disco Pump

Biceps Curls
Bench Press

3 sets of 10-8-6-4-2 reps

Help us spread the word and get #FitterWithGlitter.

Experts / maj 2016