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CrossFit® / juni 2016
Blair Hammond, Senior Manager, Global Newsroom

4 Easy Yoga Stretches for CrossFitters

Today’s International Yoga Day celebration isn’t just reserved for yogis and Instagram pics.

Prefer kettle bells to Crow Pose? Or WODs to Warrior 2? No problem. Today, yoga is for everyone—even CrossFitters.

Reebok teamed up with global yoga expert Tara Stiles, and founder of New York City’s Strala Yoga, to demonstrate the yoga stretches and poses that are just right for working out the soreness experienced after particularly brutal CrossFit workouts. Tara Stiles

“Releasing tension in the muscles and the whole body and mind is necessary to gain a healthy balance of mobility and stability and ultimately accomplish more with less effort,” Stiles says.

Stiles’ years of yoga expertise mean she can guide even the most novice yoga practitioner (or CrossFit athlete) through a few simple movements to help release body tension. 

Push presses have your arms sore? Try a runner’s stretch or side plank leg extension. Deadlifts left your lower back in pain? Enjoy the deep stretch of a downward dog.

Stiles says there’s no need for CrossFit enthusiasts to purchase any special equipment to begin practicing these yoga movements, especially on International Yoga Day.

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga,” she says. “The hardest part might be to get started but once you do, you'll feel better fast.”

How to Stretch your Lower Back

Downward dog, down dog split, runner’s split, single leg forward bend, triangle

Yoga Lower Back Stretch for CrossFit

How to Stretch your Arms

Runner’s stretch, standing split, handstand rocks, side plank, side plank extend

Yoga Stretch for Arms

How to Stretch Your Legs

Standing, shin hug, low lunge, lizard, lizard hip release

Yoga Leg Stretch for CrossFit

How to Stretch Your Upper Back

Standing hands interlaces, forward bend shoulder, standing forward bend elbow hold, low lunge back arch, up dog

Yoga Upper Back Stretch for CrossFit

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CrossFit® / juni 2016
Blair Hammond, Senior Manager, Global Newsroom