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Studio / september 2016
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

16 Thoughts from a Yoga Class

Clearing your mind during a yoga class is tough than hitting a handstand lotus pose. You can run through the whole gamut of emotions in just one class, just check out this comic strip as proof!

In the beginning you’re making sure you have room for yourself (personal space, people!) and of course stretching can feel good but if you’ve been stuck at your desk all day, chances are you’re a little tight and it’s tough. 

“During class I’m thinking, ‘I’m here let’s do this,’” says Reebok dance partner Rino Nakasonewho has taken a few yoga classes before. “Then asking myself, ‘how do my body and heart feel?’ I’m also thinking how thankful I am to be there but at the same time asking myself what time it is.” 

What a mix of emotions! Nakasone says your mindset really changes from the beginning of class to when it’s all over.

This comic strip takes you through all the thoughts that run through your head from finding the perfect spot for your mat all the way to the end when you have your hands to heart thanking your instructor for the class.

“Before class I feel resistance, lazy and stiff,” Nakasone says. “Afterwards feels like a reward to myself for finishing. I have an understanding of my body and how I feel.”

But as calm as you may feel when leaving, some of the thoughts that go through your head when taking yoga aren’t always so pleasant. There’s always that ever-present challenge of hitting a difficult pose that becomes your own personal Mount Everest. As a dancer by trade, Nakasone says hitting the hard poses is still tough, even when you’re physically fit. 

“I’m thinking, it hurts and I can't breath! I can't believe I am a dancer and not be able to do this! I want to quit! Time, hurry up! Those are my inner voices,” she says. “I feel sad that my body is not able to do the pose but I also enjoy the progress of getting the pose some days and some days not.”

One of the best things about yoga is that it’s a solo project, a personal achievement. In the end of the class there’s a confidence that comes with pushing through an entire hour and the power you feel once it’s over. 

“I feel accomplished,” she says. “I feel good about myself, because I did it for myself. I haven't practiced long enough yet to feel perfect at it but it's more of a feeling that I moved my body for me and that's great.” 

So while we’ve covered the basics of everywhere your brain can go during a class, we decided to really show you all the things yogis are thinking about as they power through a class. Check it out!  

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Studio / september 2016
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom