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Stil / januari 2017
Allie Weiller, Global Newsroom

Build the Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe With Just 9 Pieces

New York Fashion Week will feature high-heeled models, glamorous dresses and dazzling runways, but the real trend sweeping this season’s fashion is the capsule wardrobe.

It’s the name given to a handful of key closet staples that can be combined in a variety of ways for any occasion.

We spoke with renowned stylist and fashion editor Liz Cabral to hear her take on the minimalist trend and what it means for your gym outfit.    

“Capsule wardrobes are very efficient and focused ways to dress these days,” she says.

“The idea of having a few very select pieces in your wardrobe that you mix and match and base your style around is what I like to call ‘smart style.’  It shows confidence in a personal look and, let’s be honest, it really makes life that much easier.” 

While athleisure was once workout-only fashion, its recent emergence on the runway proves it’s time to extend your performance wear beyond the gym.  With that in mind, we developed a women's fitness capsule wardrobe to take you from the gym to the street all season long.

The collection is made up of seven articles of clothing and two pairs of shoes. Its core pieces include a tank, tee and statement bra for layering, and you can choose your favorite color for each.  They pair with joggers and versatile leggings, one featuring color blocking  and another with subtle mesh details.

The capstone pieces that can be tailored to nearly every occasion and season are whitesneakers and a black anorak parka

Depending on whatever sweat-inducing activity fits your fancy, add an additional pair of shoes if you’re doing cross training, studio classes or running.

Cabral noted that her favorite pieces in the collection are the black jacket and color-blocked legging.

 “I’m obsessed with multi-function items and these two are classics, and with a little layering, could work as part of an everyday outfit and not just gym clothes,” she says. 

Cabral noted that the white sneakers are a staple in her own closet because of their versatility.  “I’m a huge fan of a sharp white sneaker, whichever iteration,” she says.

For the studio-inclined, ace your pigeon pose in the high-neck bra and color block leggings.  Throw on white Classic Leather shoes, a cropped tee and black parka after class to meet your girlfriends for brunch.  


If you’re into cross training, pair a detailed black legging with a super-soft strappy tank to get your sweat on.  A colorful bra and Nano 7 shoes prepare you for burpees, rope climbs, squats and box jumps. 

Runners can stick to the tried-and-true leggings and high-neck bra combination, but swap in versatile running shoes to take you from bootcamp to a 5k. 

And even if it’s your rest day, athleisure is the answer. 

Throw on joggers and lightweight Hayasu sneakers for comfort and style.   Pair with your favorite bag and head out the door!

However you like to style your minimalist wardrobe, Cabral says the best way to build your own capsule wardrobe is to remain true to yourself.

“Be focused on your style message and what you want to convey through your clothes,” she says.

How do you style your fitness wardrobe?  Let us know by tweeting @ReebokWomen 


Stil / januari 2017
Allie Weiller, Global Newsroom