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Stil / februari 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Reebok Redefines Classic with ZOKU RUNNER

Reebok’s newest sneaker is an epic rendition of a Classic.

From the runway to the streets, sneaker style is taking over, and Reebok Classic’s new contemporary silhouette the ZOKU RUNNER is here to make a statement and leave its mark on the trend.

The latest creation from Reebok’s lifestyle brand is an evolution of deep sneaker heritage drawing on three decades of inspiration.

“It was looking a lot into our past and taking elements from the Aztec in the ’70s, the Classic Leather in the ’80s and the Dual Pump Runner in the ’90s,” says Senior Designer of Classics Footwear and designer of the ZOKU RUNNER Tracy Luk.

From two-tone shoes, western boots, platforms and go-go boots, footwear trends in the ’70s were certainly loud. The Aztec with its retro colors and sleek design is symbolic of the decade.

With the ’80s came punk rock, knee-high boots and trainers. The Classic Leather with its simplistic and clean white look represented a shift in style.

Both the Aztec and Classic Leather bare Reebok’s symbolic crosscheck.

As an homage to those that came before it, the ZOKU RUNNER also proudly incorporates the crosscheck, originally created as a symbol of movement and momentum. 

“The quintessential part is the huge crosscheck and we really wanted to celebrate it,” says Luk.

“So that was one of the key elements and then bringing in some of the other shapes, like the heel shape from the Dual Pump Runner.” 

The Dual Pump Runner was an innovative new silhouette when it debuted in the ’90s. It embodied the confidence and individuality of the time.

Now the ZOKU RUNNER will do the same, as a blend of past trends combined with future technologies.

“We wanted to bring it all into a modernized space from a construction standpoint as well,” says Luk. “So incorporating a knit upper that has this sock slip-on feel, the DMX foam from a comfort level makes it really lightweight and adds cushioning.”

Reebok’s upper and digital knitting technology allowed Luk to give the sneaker it’s own unique identity. 

Even the name ZOKU means to be continued or to be part of a tribe. As the latest iteration of the Reebok Classics tribe the sneaker is representative of a timeless classic with a modern twist.

But its creation has taken Luk close to a year a half to complete. So naturally we posed the question, how do you design for the future? 

“Most designers will agree a lot of it is personal taste and it’s going with your gut,” she says.

Luk says even though she’s been designing for Reebok for 10 years, it’s still an experience to see the final product on the shelves.

“I think that’s the reason that designers love to do what they do whether it’s shoes or something else, it’s exciting seeing whatever you worked on come to life.”

How are you wearing your new ZOKU RUNNERs? Show us by tweeting @ReebokClassics!

Stil / februari 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom