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Stil / april 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Redesigned Alien Stomper is True Tribute to Fans

It was an epic battle between good and evil that no one could forget; Alien versus machine in a final showdown.

In 1986, the FOX movie Aliens ruled the cinema. Fans had waited seven years for the sequel to the cult classic Alien, and it didn’t disappoint.

The final fight scene was a killer, and Reebok’s Alien Stomper boot was there to kick things into high gear for the movie’s main character, Ellen Ripley, to ultimately fight off the Queen.

The Alien Stomper became an iconic shoe for fans and an instant must-have collector’s item. 

Now in celebration of Alien Day on April 26, Reebok is revealing TWO new versions of the Alien Stomper that will send fans into overdrive. 

Inspired by the infamous Queen Alien and Power Loader, these sneakers are a movie buff’s dream. With nods to the film’s heritage on every strap and a tricked out double box with parts of the ACTUAL script engrained in it, no detail was left out.

For the shoes’ designers, Chris Hill and Xavier Jones, re-creating the Power Loader was about paying homage to the first model.

Power Loader

“I wanted to keep it as close to the OG spec as possible,”  Jones says. “But I embellished it with those details if you were a die-hard fan you would get it as soon as you see it.” 

Jones honed in on the smallest of details for the movie’s passionate fan base.

“The obvious thing would be the stripes that are featured on the foot of the machine,” he says. “I took design influence from the top of the canopy of the machine where it was a net, so I added a mesh on top of the label. 

“Calling back to the original series of the shoe, it was a machine, the P5000, so I added that on the strap as well.”
Queen Alien

Hill was already a big Aliens fan when he got the opportunity to design the Queen Alien shoe.

“It was pretty awesome, I never thought I’d get to design for a franchise I was a fan of,” he says. “When this came around where I got to be involved and drive the creation process was pretty cool.” 

Inspired by the Queen Alien’s look and overall lack of appeal, Hill had the color scheme and entire idea mapped out early on.

“The materials are black patent leather to give that black slimy wet look of the alien,” he says. “I wanted to keep everything blacked out and ominous like the alien itself.”

Hill’s design was done with the fans in mind. He incorporated creative elements that true fans would take note of and appreciate. 

“Parts of it are blacked out but glow in the dark. The XX121 on the shoe is the original name of the Xenomorph and I just dropped off the numbers. So that was just a nod that fans would get and if you’re not a fan you wouldn’t notice it.”

The First Impression

Fans will definitely love the two unisex sized sneakers, but what they won’t be prepared for is the insane box they come in.

Hill logged at least 300 man-hours getting every single detail right in the design.

“Some of the icons are directly from the movie and some others were a play on words like ‘check door seals, check shoe seals,’” he says.

According to him, the inspiration for the look and feel of the packaging will be clear to fans. 

“There’s a scene where there’s different loading bays and the main character runs into it and brings the Power Loader out and the final battle takes place around this loading lock,” he says.

“So when they’re fighting they fall into it and then eventually she opens the doors and the alien gets sucked out, that’s where the whole inspiration came from.” 

Don’t worry die-hards, that final line, “Get away from her, you B*TCH,” also found it’s way into the box’s design. 

The Alien Stomper will be available on July 18, 2017.

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Stil / april 2017
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom