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Running / februari 2018
Brittany Burke

Spring Break Speed Workouts, According to a Pro Trainer

The goal is to be the best. That means early morning runs, two-a-days, and late nights in the weight room. When you’re putting in all that work, it’s easy to feel like you’re in peak shape all the time.

And with Fast Flexweave shoes, you can train like your favorite pro athletes—even over Spring Break.

 “Doing speed drills will only take you so far,” says Instagram phenom and speed coach Luis Badillo, Jr. “To enhance speed, you have to build power, explosiveness, core power, flexibility. All of it together will develop a faster, stronger, and quicker athlete.” 

This routine is the perfect combination of speed drills, sprinting routines, and strength training that will allow you to maximize your time and give you the best results. Here’s how to train like a pro while enjoying the sun and fun of Spring Break.

Monday: According to Miami-based Badillo, Jr., you can’t build explosive power without doing a fair amount of weight lifting. His favorite exercises are power cleans, hang cleans, deadlifts, and calf raises to help you build the power you’ll need to be incredibly quick.

Tuesday: All about abs and arms. Do a circuit of planks, superhero arm-leg raises, and Russian twists, where you’ll lay on the ground with just your butt and your lower back touching—with your legs up, move your legs and arms to opposite sides. Continue until your abs are burning. Continue with a series of pushups for upper body strength.

 Bonus: Do a sprint ladder, and when Badillo Jr. says sprint, he clarifies: “I mean 110 percent sprinting all the time.”

 For this drill, he recommends a ladder of sprinting for 100 yards, then 80 yards, then 60 yards, then 40 yards, and then 20 yards. Then go back up. The key here is to time yourself.

 “You need to make sure that both times you’re sprinting any distance, you’re doing it at the same speed,” says Badillo, Jr. “Consistency is key.”

Wednesday: Speed drills. No surprise here, but agility drills are key. He recommends a series of these four:

  1. Two Feet In, Two Feet Out: With a ladder in front of you, step so that you have two feet inside the box, then two feet outside the box. Do the same in every ladder box in both directions.
  2. Low hurdle drill: With a low step in front of you, or a low hurdle if you have one, jump with high knees over the obstacle.
  3. Figure-8 cone drill: With two cones in front of each other, dash around them in a Figure 8.
  4. Two feet in and up the ladder: Place two feet in the ladder at a time, and jump out. Then jump two feet ahead, and out of the ladder.

Thursday: All about abs and arms. Plus a sprint ladder!

Friday: Do your lower body weight lifting.

Saturday: Take on your speed drills again, and mix in some bleacher stairs for conditioning.

Sunday: Active rest—Badillo, Jr. recommends yoga or a walk on the beach.

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Running / februari 2018
Brittany Burke