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Experts / mars 2018
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom

This Keg Workout Is The Healthiest Thing You’ll See On St. Patrick’s Day

It's no secret that St. Patrick's Day isn't the healthiest holiday in the books.

Synonymous with corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie and flowing taps of beer, it is safe to say even the luck of the Irish can’t save your stomach from this one. keg-workout-o-nano-2

But if you’re one of the many who embrace the ‘work hard, play hard’ lifestyle, you know St. Patrick’s Day to be one of the most anticipated party days of the year.

So what do you do when the holiday falls on leg day?

Look no further than Boston-based trainer Conor Murphy for inspiration.

An advocate for keeping his workout routine varied, Murphy is constantly incorporating odd objects into his training.

“Not only do odd objects keep training unique and fun, but moreover, each object presents a new challenge,” he says. “They test your ability to use all of the components of fitness in new ways." 

And what object more fitting (pun intended) for a St. Patrick’s Day inspired workout than a keg?

“The keg toss is a standard event in a strongman competition. But, the toss is far from the only movement you can do with a keg,” says Murphy. “Sticking with just a toss certainly won’t be conducive to developing a well-rounded, full-body workout, either,” he adds.

So, what movements will leave you with that sought-after full-body soreness?

For Murphy, there are eight that come to mind, and he says combining several of these into a single workout should give you the desired results. Below, he demonstrates correct form for each of the eight. And good news: assuming you don’t have a full keg hanging around (do you??), you can just use a barbell or dumbbells at home.

His final tip: “Don’t be confused, the keg should only be tapped after the workout is complete. Definitely don’t do that before.”

Keg squats


With feet positioned at shoulder width and the toes slightly turned out, hold the keg in front of the chest. Squat down and up, keeping the heels planted on the ground throughout the movement. Make sure to squat deep.

Keg swings


With feet planted directly under the shoulders, hold the keg by one side and gently swing it from under the legs up to the nose. Keep your chest up and don't let your back round.

Burpee keg jump-overs


Get down onto the ground in the push-up position, kicking the legs back behind the body. Jump the legs back in toward the hands, and then jump the whole body upwards and over the keg. Land on the opposite side of the keg.

Keg thrusters


With elbows raised, hold the keg at the shoulders and squat down. As the body moves back up, rapidly extend your knees and hips before pressing the keg overhead. Make sure your arms are fully extended. Bring the arms back down before squatting down for the next rep.

Keg lunges


Hold the keg behind you, gripping it in both hands and resting it against the shoulders. Step one leg forward, keeping the chest up and abs engaged. Bend the back leg so the knee gently touches the ground. Stand back up without moving the back foot from its planted position.

Kegstand push-ups


A twist on your usual party trick! Hold the body up into a standard kegstand position. Bend the arms and legs down in unision, and then kick them back up into the original kegstand position. Note: if you truly plan on doing this workout, signs point to leaving this movement out of it.

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Experts / mars 2018
Maureen Quirk, Global Newsroom