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Stil / juli 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Lil Yachty’s Secret to Inimitable Style

Classic style is timeless and undeniable. Hip hop artist Lil Yachty is already on his way to being a classic artist—and his style is no different.

Lil Yachty is paving the way in his industry and pushing the boundaries of what’s expected. “I didn’t purposely try to come in to hip hop and grab a different color paint and change the walls, it was just me being myself,” he says.

“When I started doing music a lot of people were trying to say I’m changing hip hop, but I think maybe it’s for the better that it changed.”

While he takes risks in his music, Lil Yachty also likes to take chances with his style, keeping fans on their toes never knowing what to expect.

“Being daring, to me, means being courageous,” he says. “To be daring is to be willing, to be bold.” 

That’s why Reebok’s Classic Leather is a style staple for the artist who is making sure everything he does has the potential to be legendary.

The Classic Leather brings a heritage to make a modern style statement without question. It’s a silhouette inspired by running, but built for the streets, transcending generations with incomparable attitude.

To match his white kicks, Lil Yachty keeps another classic style staple close by.

“One of my staple pieces is definitely my white sunglasses,” he says.

Lil Yachty also relies on the staples of the ‘90s for a retro vibe.  “I’m a big fan of ‘90s fashion simply because I love colors.”

But it’s the defining accessories that make Lil Yachty’s outfits timeless and personal. He’s become known for his signature jewelry and views his pieces as true works of art.  

“The good thing about jewelry is that it’s an art,” he says. “It can cater to everybody, it’s so different.” And while he may be rocking flashier pieces these days, he keeps it true to his roots, too. 

“My starter piece was a small little boat chain,” he says.

Lil Yachty’s daring personality started well before his fame and success. He credits his dad for showing him what it means to trust his instincts and be proud of who he is.

“My dad was really cool, he always dared me to be different and not be like anybody else or to just do something because other people did it,” he says. “He taught me to be a leader.”

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Stil / juli 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom