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Stil / februari 2020
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial

Bright, Bold, Colorful: Sneaker Trends for 2020

You can never be too loud when it comes to footwear. Prepare to turn some heads and shake up your rotation with this sneaker round up.

Shoes are meant to be noticed, and if you’ve ever stopped someone in their tracks because of what’s on your feet, you’re doing it right. There’s nothing like that feel-good moment when someone looks up from their phone or their mat stretch just to check out your kicks.
That kind of attention is powerful, but the recipe for showstopping can be delicate: a design needs to be unique in order to impress the toughest critics. A sleek plain black or white sneaker always looks killer, but this season, eye-catching sneakers are having their moment. From runways and red carpets to treadmills and boxes, detailed prints and bright palettes are making headlines in 2020.
This list of bold kicks is for those with the confidence to make a statement whether you’re headed to the gym or out with friends. Choose your favorite and show everyone how to up their style. 

Club C

For those who love color but favor classic shapes, this shoe is a bold take on the Club C 85 and also comes in our Classic Leather silhouette. The silhouette is infinitely wearable no matter if you’re at a music festival or out with friends, the bold hue lets you stand out and show off your style. 
Club C, $80;

Zig Kinetica x Kenzo Minami

Created in collaboration with designer Kenzo Minami, the futuristic print on this Zig Kinetica is in a whole other dimension. Minami says, “The silhouette suggests abstract representations of time and space combined.” The print is only half of it—this shoe features the signature Zig sole in its dynamic shape, which also makes a statement. 
Zig Kinetica x Kenzo Minami, $160; 


Shaq’s signature shoe from 1996 has been re-released in its original colors and details because it is just that good. The iconic Shaqnosis has a design that you just can’t help but stare at, and you’ll have people in a trance when you take these shoes to the streets.
Shaqnosis, $140; 

Floatride Run Fast Pro

After racing in these, you’ll be hooked thanks to a breathable, single-layer mesh upper and a design that’s so lightweight, it’s lighter than most cell phones. The  bright blue color of the Floatride Run Fast Pro will set you apart from your competition and will ensure everyone can spot you as you cross the finish line.
Floartide Run Fast Pro, $250;

Instapump Fury x Distortedd

Designed in collaboration with graphic designer Distortedd, aka Anhia Zaira Santana, this version of the iconic Instapump Fury silhouette features the tentacles, eyeballs, and pastel colors that can typically be seen in her artwork. When asked about the design, Disortedd said, “I really wanted to show the hard work and the blood, sweat, and tears that it took to get to where I am now.” Created by a sneakerhead for sneakerheads, this shoe is a unique work of art for your feet.
Instapump Fury x Distortedd, $180; 

Nano 9

Check all of your preconceived notions of gym sneakers being strictly functional at the door. The Nano 9 was created for CrossFit community by the CrossFit community, and re-engineered to allow you to train beyond the box. They have additional cushioning to support your runs and a new rubber midsole protection wrap. Not to mention the electric pink, orange and solar yellow color combination will have people taking notice of your sneaks and your PR.
Nano 9, $130;

Nano 9

Sometimes, the only thing that can get you through those final squats is glancing down and getting a glimpse of your epic white, purple, and orange sneakers. You’re already feeling powerful and strong when you’re working out—now you can have sneakers that match your attitude. 
Nano 9, $130; 

Classic Leather RC 1

The ‘80s were known for bold colors and bright accents, and you can bring that all back with this ‘80s inspired runner. The Classic Leather RC1 shoe has oversized logos and intricate color pops throughout that give it just enough flair.
Classic Leather RC 1, $80; 

Classic Leather Ripple Trail

An outdoorsy take on the Classic Leather silhouette, these sneakers can’t be missed. Between the lime green shade and their chunky, dad-sneaker shape, the Classic Leather Ripple Trail shoes are fun to wear, and add oomph to any outfit.
Classic Leather Ripple Trail, $80; 


You’ll be seen as an expert on sneaker style after you wear these out. The DMXpert shoe is based around trail designs from the early ‘90s and 2000s with signature cushioning that moves air from the heel to the toe as you walk. The shoe’s “toxic yellow” color will make it the focal point of any room you enter. Own it.
DMXpert, $90;
Stil / februari 2020
Danielle Rines, Reebok Editorial