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/ juli 2020
Chrisanne Grisé, Contributor

Feel Good Fast with These 6 Mental Health Apps

When your sleep is suffering and your stress level is climbing, these apps will help you get your mood back on track.

Just about everyone is feeling stressed out right now. But seeing a therapist involves time, money and face-to-face contact you might rather skip at the moment. Luckily, for those in search of contact-less help, there are plenty of mental health apps that can guide you through these tough times.They may not cure all your problems, but adding any of these six awesome picks to your phone can help get you on the path to feeling better.

The app: BetterHelp

Why you’ll love it: As close as you’ll come to a sit-down session with a shrink—minus the schlep to the office and big bucks for a private consult—this app quickly connects you with an experienced counselor so you can message, talk on the phone or video chat with them to your heart’s content. At $40 to $70 a week, it’s way cheaper than IRL therapy, and it’s always available, no matter where you are. 

The app: Happify

Why you’ll love it: People who say thinking happy thoughts can cure the blues must never have found themselves in the throes of depression. But with Happify, you’ll use science-based games and activities (think: mindfulness, guided relaxations, mood journaling) to help train your brain to focus on positive emotions. After filling out a brief survey about your concerns, the app will suggest content that fits your needs best, from building relationships to coping with chronic pain. You’ll boost confidence, reduce stress and develop healthy skills that’ll help you knock negativity out of your life. 

The app: Sleep Cycle

Why you’ll love it: Sleep problems have been shown to lead to depression, anxiety, ADHD and more, which is why a good night’s rest is crucial for your mental health. You’ll take a step in that direction with Sleep Cycle, a smart alarm clock that maximizes sleep quality by waiting until it senses you’re in a light sleep phase to gently wake you in the morning. It also features a tracking feature that will analyze your sleep patterns so you can better understand what you need to feel refreshed. 

The app: Insight Timer

Why you’ll love it: Slip on your favorite leggings, take a deep breath and get ready to feel soothed. With 40,000 free meditation and music tracks, you’re guaranteed to find one that speaks to you. Got kids? Turn them on early to the benefits of mindfulness with selections geared toward the junior set.

The app: Sanvello

Why you’ll love it: With options including daily mood tracking, guided journeys and interactive weekly assessments, this app aims to provide a complete picture of your mental health. Sanvello’s tools are based on evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and the app is frequently reviewed by experts, so you can feel confident following the advice you receive. Plus, a thriving social community lets you share your story and find support. 

The app: Journey

Why you’ll love it: Whether you want weekly writing prompts or just a space to keep track of what you’re grateful for, Journey’s guided journaling service encourages you to share your emotions, track your achievements and develop better mental health habits. And don’t worry: The app is passcode-protected, so there’s no need to worry about prying eyes discovering your secrets.
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/ juli 2020
Chrisanne Grisé, Contributor