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Experts / december 2020
Austin Malleolo, General Manager, Reebok Training Center

Take 5: Yield Major Results Through These Simple Steps

Hit your achievable goals through Reebok’s Daily 5’s

Every day we look for success and are driven by results, which is what allows us to find motivation week after week. The purpose of the Reebok Daily 5’s is to find your daily win. Instead of meeting huge goals every day, it is easier and more effective to set small daily markers that give you the opportunity to achieve. We all do special things worthy of recognition, but we often overlook them because we’re unaware we even did them. The purpose of Daily 5’s is to give you direction and awareness, which will result in consistency.
The goal is simple: Dedicate five minutes a day to each of the five checkpoints below, which amounts to 25 minutes a day. You can do these all at once or split them up throughout the day. It’s a manageable time commitment but yields major results.
The list below is meant to provide accountability and purpose. If you find you really enjoy one of these items, then make it a bigger part of your day. Treat these as thought- and behavior-starters, then let your passion and purpose direct you from there.
1. Recovery
Mobility, stretching and yoga
Focus on targeting common problem areas associated with less-than-ideal at-home workstations. Stretch to improve range of motion, increase blood flow and decrease pain.
2. Fitness 
Doesn’t need to be fancy. Aim for just five minutes of movement.
Short exercises for all levels require no equipment. This can be a workout or an opportunity to break up prolonged seated/standing postures.
3. Mindset
Meditation and journaling
Utilize breath to decrease stress, clear the mind and support the body’s natural processes towards homeostasis. Journaling will foster creativity and shift your focus towards gratitude for the things you have.
4. Self-Care
Take five minutes to unplug from the noise.
This includes going for a walk, enjoying a crossword puzzle or reading a magazine article. The concept is to do something for five minutes that’s entirely for you, to unplug and unwind
5. Nutrition
Work on meal prep and recipes.
Focus on how food makes you feel. Identify healthy options. This will be an inclusive approach vs. a reductive approach. 
Experts / december 2020
Austin Malleolo, General Manager, Reebok Training Center